BTL1 Certification – My Experience

Since a lot of people is contacting me to know more about the Security Blue Team‘s Blue Team Level 1 course, I decided to write a blog post about it.

I will talk about the course in general and the exam (but don’t celebrate too soon, I won’t spoil anything!).

Course Content

The course is divided into 6 sections:
• Security Fundamentals
• Phishing Analysis
• Threat Intelligence
• Digital Forensics
• Security Information and Event Management
• Incident Response

Obviously, you can find every kind of information on their website.

It’s great for beginners but I know there are a lot of professionals who attended it, probably because it starts from the basics to achieve something more in-depth. And also, it gives you a complete overview of the security field.

The material is all written, no videos (except for some practical parts) and you can browse through sections the way you want (i.e. you can start with the Digital Forensics module and then move on to Phishing Analysis) but to complete each domain you have to pass all quizzes with a minimum score of 70%.

Theory is always followed by practice. You will need a Kali Virtual Machine and if you don’t already have it, they will guide you step-by-step through the installation.

And don’t worry: you’re not left alone. They set up a Discord server for students, where you can ask for clarifications, help or just discuss about security topics. I highly suggest to join it because sometimes it can be essential.

The time needed to complete the course depends on many factors. Personally, it took me 3 months, with graduation and a 2 weeks pause in the middle.


The main advice is: DO NOT UNDERESTIMATE IT!

It’s not impossible but not easy either. So be sure to have fully understood everything, you can use your notes and they will give you all the necessary instructions to browse through the exam environment.

Take your time to do it, take notes and screenshots because they will be essential when writing the report, especially if you do it when the limited time for the lab is reached.

Said that, if you’re enrolled (or will be), enjoy it and good luck 🙂

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